Maureen Rolls 
Angel and Animal Communicator

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Pylons & Electrical Poles and Boxes

The Electrical Magnetic Field ( EMF ) or Electric Smog that is radiated from this kind of equipment is very strong and will affect you, your family's health, and also any animals that live with you. I can call or work from a diagram of your home and the area to assess the problem, and help you to protect yourself from these damaging rays.

Remember: because you cannot see it, it does not mean it does not exist.

Pictures of the Effects of Cell Towers

Thirty-five plus dead trees, approximately 30 ft away from these so called, just cell towers!

Photo Credit:  Karen Scott


My prices are charged on a hourly basis with any traveling cost added.

Treatment - £35 pp

Travelling Cost - Please telephone me to discuss fuel cost as it will depend on where you live. You will not be obligated to arrange anything when you telephone.

Bacs:  Email me for details.

ChequeOne person - on the day of the treatment. Two or more people - an upfront payment for the full amount will be required.


Pay Pal - Avoiding Fee: If paying by Pay Pal and want to avoid the fee, send a 'friend to friend'payment to my email address; from your Pay Pal account.

Pay Pal - With Fee: Click the button below to process your payment (3.8 % fee added).

If you would like to talk to me about any of  the payment options, please don't hesitate to click contact 

£35 Treatment Costs

£20 Traveling Costs

£50 Traveling Costs

£100 Traveling Costs