Maureen Rolls 
Angel and Animal Communicator

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Welcome to my website and to the enlightened energy of communicating with Angels and Animals. The fact that you are looking at my website means you are also guided by your Angels. 

We all invite you in to experience and learn more!

The Joy of Connection

Join me at one of my workshops to experience the joy of being able to talk to animals, and to be able to help them with their life (and human!) issues. By helping the animals you are also helping their human guardians.

With the help of your guides and the angels we can all communicate with animals to ensure that they have a fulfilling life.


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2020 marks 13 glorious years of Soul & Spirit, so we're celebrating with 13 categories this year across our reader and trade awards. This year, seven of the thirteen categories will be chosen and nominated by you.
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Blessing from Maureen



Animal Communication

Energy and Spirit Cleansing



Course in Animal Healing - Testimonial

Thank you dear Maureen, for all that you taught me on your  course on Sunday! You are a really inspirational wonderful Lady! I really enjoyed it and I’m sure I have benefited and gained Invaluable knowledge from you! I will try to keep practicing I have known this way of life for sometime now, but don’t seem to always to have the confidence to fulfil it somehow although I constantly do healing for people and for animals and have done for years. I seem to have blocks receiving my Clairvoyant messages! Thank you once again. 
Maureen Lovely Lady.

With Love from Sylvia x

How I Can Help

If you just need help with your animal, then allow me to communicate with them, and give you the answers that your animal wants you to know; this will help to resolve some of the issues and behavior problems that they often display to get your attention. Animals often give me messages for their humans - it can be a message from a deceased love one or deceased animal, or even something more personal to you.

Allow the angels and myself to help you and your animal to live the fullest, happiest life possible.

Love and Angel light.