Maureen Rolls 
Angel and Animal Communicator

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 Case History 8


I received a phone call from a lady who had taken on Ace 2 months previous. Ace was showing signs of depression, with no interest in life what so ever. Ace came to our workshop, and we were able to communicate with her, as soon as I got into Aces' energy, I felt very sad, and tears were rolling down my face. 

When I asked Ace:

“What is the problem?”

Ace replied:

I hate humans, they steal my puppies, I don't know where they take them, and i never see them again, I have no idea if they are alive or dead.”

I told her:

“Firstly, I apologise for the human race, we are not all the same. You came from a breeding kennel, where they kept you in a cage and would sell your puppies on for profit. Your new owner is not going to do this to you, and has taken you out of this situation, so that you may have a life of your own, and not continually breeding puppies.”

I then told her:

“You can communicate with all your puppies, and also your mum, dad, and siblings, just as we are talking now, you can communicate with them, whether they are alive or dead.”

I then continued to give her instructions on how she could do this. I did some healing on Ace to help her cope with the trauma she had been through. Taking negative energy out and replacing it with positive energy. Ace thanked me and we said our goodbyes.

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